See You In Orbit?: Our Dream Of Spaceflight

See You In Orbit?: Our Dream Of Spaceflight

Autor : Alan Ladwig
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See You In Orbit?: Our Dream Of Spaceflight

Pressestimmen 'The door to private and commercial human exploration of space is finally open! Generations from now, we will look back at this time as the Second Golden Age of space exploration after the moon landings 50 years ago. Few have had both a ringside seat as well as been in the ring as Alan Ladwig. This book chronicles the important but difficult change from purely government-sponsored space exploration through public private partnerships and purely commercial and private endeavors.'- Richard Garriott, Private Astronaut Soyuz TMA 13'Ever dreamed of flying in space? Me too. Alan Ladwig chronicles our deep and persistent yearnings, from pie-in-the-sky fantasy to lunar footprints, a savvy insider's narrative of a timeless human desire. This book is your tourist rocket to the cosmos as we await the real thing.'- Lynn Sherr, Journalist, author of Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space and semi-finalist for NASA Journalist-in-Space Competition'Ladwig tells a rollicking good story about the dream of spaceflight from test pilot astronauts to wealthy adventure tourists. But See You in Orbit? is much more than a delightful narrative of what has already transpired. It also peers into the future to project what might be as entrepreneurial firms offer opportunities for humans to orbit far beyond the dreams of the pioneers.'- Dr. Roger Launius, author of Reaching for the Moon: A Short History of the Space Race'No one has captured our enthusiasm for space exploration as well as Alan. He vividly captures the sweeping story of the public's desire to be more than observers--to be participants. This is a must-read for understanding the new generation of space visionaries and the shoulders on which all space enthusiasts stand.' - Jeffrey Manber, former CEO of MirCorps and CEO of NanoRacks'You will relish Alan Ladwig's comprehensive story of our na-tion's past and future goals and dreams to fly in space because it is told from the point of view of an accomplished NASA of-ficial. It also chronicles a personal, behind-the-scenes story of the delightfully brave and spirited first private citizen, Teacher in Space Christa McAuliffe and her dream to fly aboard the Challenger space shuttle.Dr. June Scobee Rodgers, founding chairman of Challenger Center for Space Science Education and author of Silver Linings: My Life Before and After Challenger'No one knows this story better than Alan Ladwig, and there is no one better to tell it, with such wit and warm wisdom.'- Barbara Morgan, Astronaut, STS-118'This fantastic book is a narrative gateway to space that tells the story of our space aspirations and sets the stage for the near future. For most of us, for now, (though changing even as you read this) it is the next best thing to being there.' - Robert K. Weiss, Film and Television Producer, Vice Chair of the XPRIZE Foundation Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende During his 40 year career, Alan has been recognized for his leadership and contributions in the field of policy, communications, and STEAM education in the aerospace sector. He is especially known for playing a leading role in developing and managing programs to directly engage the general public in space research and space-related outreach opportunities. He is Chief of To Orbit Productions, an independent company that provides consulting services and lectures on space policy, as well the creation of folk art based on space themes. In semi-retirement, Ladwig is also serving as the Chief of Communications and a member of the Board of Directors of the Star Harbor Space Training Academy, a startup company with plans to offer astronaut training to the public. He served three terms at NASA Headquarters - twice as a political appointee and once as a civil servant. In 2013 he retired as a political appointee of the Obama Administration where he served in the Office of Communications as the head of Public Outreach. During the Clinton Administration Ladwig established and was Associate Administrator of the Office of Policy and Plans where he led the development of the agency's Strategic Plan and participation in the development of the National Space Policy. From 1981 to 1989 he was a civil servant and managed a variety of programs for the Office of Education, the Office of Space Flight and the Office of Exploration. He managed both the Shuttle Student Involvement Program and the Spaceflight Participant Program, which included the Teacher in Space and Journalist in Space competitions. Prior to returning to NASA in 2009 he was the Manager of Space Systems for WBB Consulting and had been Sector Lead Executive for NASA business development at Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems. He served as Chief Operating Officer during the start-up phase of the Zero Gravity Corporation, a privately held space tourism and entertainment company. As Vice President of Washington Operations and Assistant to the Chairman of the Board, he established and managed's Washington Bureau and was responsible for business development, NASA relations, and strategic planning. He has discussed space topics on national and international television programs such as the Today Show, Late Night with David Letterman, The PBS Newshour, numerous Fox News programs, the Entertainment Channel, CNN news programs such as Cross Talk, Washington Journal on C-Span, TechnoPolitics, the Voice of America, and International media outlets. He also appeared in numerous space documentaries for the BBC, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Tech TV, and the Idaho Public Broadcasting System. He has appeared on local and national radio programs including the Diane Rehm Show, The Space Show, The Tom Joyner Show, the Voice of America, and NPR's Talk of the Nation, Evening Edition, and Science Friday. During his career Ladwig received NASA's Distinguished Service Medal, the Exceptional AchievementMedal, two Exceptional Service Medals, the Outstanding Leadership Medal, and was a member of six Group Achievement Awards. He is a Fellow of the American Astronautical Society. In 2014 Ladwig received the Distinguish Alumni Award for both Elgin Community College and the Illinois Community College Trustees Association. He served in U.S. Army with the 558th Artillery Group and stationed in Athens, Greece, 1972-1974. Ladwig received a Masters in Higher Education (1976) and Bachelors in Speech (1970) from Southern Illinois University. He received an Associates degree in Business from Elgin Community College (1968).

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