Understanding The Function Of Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology encompasses therapy for a number of psychologically related symptoms. It is a speciality within the field of psychology that enhances interpersonal and personal functioning in people. The focus is on organizational and developmental concerns as well as health, educational, social, vocational and social matters.

Counselors who practice this type of psychology help patients to resolve their issues. However, there are other career types within the field that counselors can follow. Some of these include vocational counseling, teaching and research. These people enter the field to use theory to help patients to conquer their challenges and become all that they can become. It certainly seems like a field worth studying for those who are interested in this field.

More than fifty percent of students graduate in this field each year. It is similar in many ways to the clinical version of the subject. Clinicians spend more time on patients who are seriously mentally ill. Therapists who practice counseling psychology work with patients who only have minor symptoms. Clearly, treatment approaches would differ for the two different types of medicine.

Clinicians view patients in a medical light while counselors adopt a broad approach towards treating their patients by using a number of psychotherapeutic options. Therapists have the option to use all the resources available to them based on their training and educational background. The therapists have their own individual theories, and they use these theories to help bring about healing for their patients.

Therapists need to obtain any one of an ED. D, Psy. D or Ph. D to qualify to do this type of work. A Doctor of Education degree can be obtained from a college of education. A Doctor of Psychology or Doctor of Philosophy degree is obtained by studying at a university. Most of these programs are accredited by the APA (American Psychological Association). Students should ensure that they take an accredited course if they want their degree to be recognized.

There is huge demand for these professionals in todays times. Modern day living has placed much stress on people, and they need help with coping with day to day living. Thankfully, there are many professionals who patients can consult with in order to get their lives on track.

Patients must show a willingness to be treated. Therapists cannot achieve the desired results if patients are uncooperative. There is nothing worse for a therapist than having to drag a patient through the therapeutic process. Therapists want to help patients and need cooperation in order for success to be achieved. Some patients might believe that there is a stigma attached to this kind of therapy. This, however, is not the case. It shows huge responsibility on behalf of patients who arrive at therapists for treatment.

Patients can rely on counseling psychology to work through a number of generalized issues. This could include poor self-esteem, relationship issues and lack of confidence. Doing the work to overcome these issues is worthwhile in the long run. Subtle changes can make a world of difference to their lives. It will have a ripple effect as other people who come into contact with these patients will notice the difference, and this will improve relationships significantly.

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